'Investing in MisterGreen is very clear'

Investor speaks

Danny Mekić was such a teenager who started his own internet company in the attic. With success, even that: he even stopped with high school to fully concentrate on his entrepreneurial activities. He now holds the necessary diplomas, and we regularly see him in the media as a guide to technology topics. He is also a consultant, university lecturer and investor. Among others in MisterGreen. We asked Mekić for his view on electric lease, and for his motivation to finance MisterGreen.

Young learned, tech done

Mekić was already infected with the tech virus at a young age: he had barely outgrown the nursery class when his father put a soldering iron in his hands to practice. Since then, Mekić has always felt involved in technology and technology. Nevertheless, after a number of successful years as a very young tech entrepreneur, he opted for a study in Law. Not to drastically change course, but rather to seek the connection between tech and other disciplines. Mekić: 'Fifteen years ago, technology was still in itself: you had the ordinary world, and technology and internet. Now that is completely reversed. On and offline are completely merged with each other. From education and healthcare to our judiciary: all the building blocks of our society are influenced by technology. In my work I mainly work with those intersections.'

Blind confidence in the on-board computer

According to Mekić, technology has penetrated so deeply into our lives that we have a completely different relationship with it than before. Where we used to see technology as an aid, we now blindly trust it. Mekić: 'A nice example is the TomTom from the past. If we told the device that we had to go to the right, we would go to the right. And we are already a step further, because we even trust our * driver's seat * on the computer. Think of the autopilot of Tesla. If you turn it on, you give the on-board computer the power over the steering wheel - and literally about your life. Sounds exciting, but in many cases self-driving cars turn out to be really safe. Accidents with autopilots can often be traced back to human failure.'

High time for an entry-level model

With an increasing 'adoption willingness' of technology and the need to look beyond the traditional fossil fuels, you would think that the advance of electric driving is no longer unstoppable. This is partly true: MisterGreen even predicts that the Tesla Model 3 will become the best-selling car of 2019 .Yet Mekić sees some bears on the road. The biggest? Mekić: 'Price. Because electric driving does not fit with every wallet yet. The purchase price of an electric car is relatively high, and you have to be able to count very well if you want to see that you might get that price in the long run. In order to make electric driving truly attractive to the general public, many more affordable models have to be put on the market. In that respect, the Model 3 is a step in the right direction.'

Concrete investment, so clear

Despite the proverbial bears, Mekić trusts the market enough to invest in MisterGreen. Via the platform Duurinvesteren.nl he has bought bonds in a number of rounds. With that money, MisterGreen can purchase new cars. Mekić thinks it is concrete and tangible: 'Investing in a fleet is very clear: I finance and MisterGreen can buy cars. This transparency not only makes it easier to make prudent prognoses, I also like it better than investing in an abstract product. In addition, Tesla provides a buyback guarantee. This way, MisterGreen even gets some money back for cars that do not drive anymore. That gives me extra security.'

Model 3: perfect for the inner city

Mekić does not yet drive electrically. But, it's about to come: 'I skipped the Tesla's X and S for a while, because I live and work in Amsterdam - where you do not have a big car. But the Tesla Model 3 is nicely compact, so I want to try it. The Model 3 suits the Netherlands better than the larger Tesla models, I think. A reliable four-door, that's what we prefer to choose here.'

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