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Are you interested in leasing a Tesla as a company car? Then you will have to deal with addition. The addition is a kind of tax that you pay when you want to use the company car for private purposes. This addition is calculated on the basis of your salary and the emissions of your car. For the latter reason, many people find it interesting to lease a Tesla as it is completely emission-free!

Tesla tax rules in 2018 & 2019

From January 1st 2019, the tax rules for customers of a new electric car will increase considerably. The taxes for an electric car of the business in 2018 is 4% over the entire catalog value. In 2019 the tax rules will change. Then you pay 4% additional tax on the first € 50,000 of the catalog value. You will pay an additional tax of 22% on the remaining amount in 2019. For example, for a new Tesla Model S, the taxes in 2019 will be hundreds of euros per month more expensive than in 2018.

In order to benefit from a low 4% addition for 5 years, it is important that the new Tesla is registered in 2018.

Calculate tax Tesla Model S and X

On the [Tesla website] (https://www.tesla.com/nl_NL/bijtelling) you can calculate the difference in addition between 2018 and 2019 with a handy calculator.

The addition of a new Tesla is calculated on the basis of three factors:

  1. The addition percentage of the car - this is determined on the basis of the emissions of the car.
  2. Price of the car - based on the catalog value incl. Options
  3. Taxable annual income - The addition amount is added to your gross annual income. Based on your gross annual income, you determine in which tax bracket you fall.

Low 4% additional tax liability for 5 years in 2018

In order to benefit from a low 4% tax for 5 years, it is important that the new Tesla is put on license plate this year (2018). Currently, deliveries of personal configurations in 2018 can no longer be guaranteed. So if you want to compose your own Tesla according to your wishes, you run the risk that it will be delivered in 2019, so that you are covered by the new tax rules.

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