Why lease a Tesla at MisterGreen?

We give you 11 reasons

As the first in the Netherlands - and perhaps the entire world - MisterGreen started the lease in 2008 of exclusively electric vehicles. But why should you work with us, and not with another party? Well, for these eleven reasons:

  1. The Tesla specialist
    MisterGreen and Tesla know each other through and through. We have been working together excellently for years often discuss new developments.

  2. Best pricing
    Because of our good relationship with Tesla, we have made additional agreements and we can to offer you the best price.

  3. Digital lease company
    MisterGreen works as digitally as possible. This means you have to do less, everything is nice and fast regularly and save you -literally- a lot of paperwork.

  1. Full Operational Lease
    Full Operational Lease has a lot of benefits. So you use the car as long and often as you want, without the economic risk of buying or Financial Lease. We have listed the differences between Full Operational Lease and Financial Lease for you. View them here.

tesla model x mistergreen

  1. Full Service Provider
    MisterGreen takes care of you completely, for example in the maintenance of your car. In addition, pay you're the same every month and you know exactly where you stand.

  2. Each Aid Service throughout Europe
    Wherever you are in Europe, in case of breakdown or damage, the MisterGreen Emergency Center stands for 24/7 you ready. We ensure that your car arrives and arranges a MisterGreen Auto Repairer replacement transport in a comparable class. So you can reach your final destination.

  3. MisterGreen GoldCard
    Use our Fastcharging Network for free and charge your car at A locations.

  4. Sustainable statement
    MisterGreen is the only leasing company fully focused on electric driving. The fleet consists of 95% of Tesla's.

  5. ProDrive training
    Electric driving takes some getting used to. To be able to get on the road safely, you'll get one from us ProDrive training gift.

  6. Extra service
    We do not only lease, but also advise you on a daily basis. For example about charging stations or solar panels. And about your Tesla of course!

  7. Collectivity discount on your insurance
    As a private individual, it can be costly to insure your Tesla. Not at MisterGreen: we pay attention not on your damage history and have a group discount. This keeps your lease price relatively low and you do not come across surprises.

Know what it's like to drive a Tesla from MisterGreen? Read the story of one of our customers below.

"Now that we are leasing an electric car, we have become much more aware of the need to stop running on fossil fuels, hence the choice to apply for three Tesla Model 3's at MisterGreen."

— Jeffrey Werner, Tech Bakery