A sustainable partner of MisterGreen

MisterGreen supports the mission of our sustainable partner: [energy supplier Vandebron] ( The mission of Vandebron is to transfer the Netherlands as quickly as possible to 100% sustainable energy. A good match with the mission of MisterGreen:

"MisterGreen does not rest until the use of fossil fuels for mobility is out of the world!"

Collaboration MisterGreen & Vandebron

Driving in a fully electric car without CO2 emissions is good for the environment. You probably already knew this. However, it is only a first step. Electric driving with sustainable energy is even better! Vandebron supplies sustainable energy by working exclusively with local producers of wind and solar energy.

Vandebron charge card for all MisterGreen customers

That is why [MisterGreen offers all customers a Vandebron charging card] ( With this charging card you have access to all public charging stations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. You do not pay any extra costs per charging session, but monthly € 3.50 in subscription costs. Do you already use Vandebron's sustainable energy at home? Then you only pay € 1.50 per month.

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